Why is finding a friend to play with so hard? That's what Someone wants to know!  All the other kids in his class have playmates, but not Someone.  Without a friend, all Someone can do is watch the fun from the sidelines.  Will he ever find Somebody to play with?





"Lovely...It's becoming one of my daughter's go to's." -Adam Levine


" A playful story that teaches children (and adults) a valuable lesson about acceptance and connection

...This book is a fun tool for teachers, parents, and caregivers to help children navigate social relationships.  We can all learn from Someone about the importance of being open to Anybody and 

Everybody." - Meredith C. Murphy, Ph.D, Child Psychologist


"Children everywhere will be able to relate to the characters in the story and learn that everyone needs to feel liked and included." - Tracy Winfrey Edwards, Literacy Supervisor for Montgomery County Public Schools


"Such a great story about learning about acceptance and being included.  This book should be in every

child's library!" - Christina K. Broderick, Marymount of Santa Barbara Head of School


 Refreshingly simple...Originally conceptualized during an end of day chat between father and son, the story became a teachable moment as Ostrowski realized the value in understanding how children interact

in new settings." - Newport Life

"If you're looking for a good children book go get this one.  My buddy Jay and his son wrote it.  Now go buy it!" - Blake Shelton

" Native Newporter Jay Ostrowski just wrote the best children's book in the history of history!" - Newport Buzz

"Move over Dr. Seuss, step aside Shel Silverstein, take a seat A.A. Milne, there are new sheriffs in town! ....a new children's book that will undoubtedly change the literary world forever." - Newport Buzz




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